Full Morning Scramble

This is one our our all time favorite breakfasts.  It’s hearty, tastes delicious and gives you a great start to the day.

Note: The ingredient list is designed to be loose.  Some people prefer more hash browns, some people prefer more eggs, etc.  Some don’t like the onions and peppers, etc.  Adjust the ratios and final ingredients as needed – but we have found that purchasing the various items in 1lb bags makes purchase, setup and cleanup super easy.

The ingredient quantity listed out below can easily feed 6-10 people.


Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 30 minutes
  • Hashbrowns : 1 Pound
  • Ground Sausage : 1 Pound
  • Red Pepper : 1 Whole
  • Yellow Onion : 1/2 Whole
  • Shredded Cheese (cheddar is preferred) : 1 Pound
  • Eggs : 12 Whole
  1. Start by placing a little bit of oil on the bottom of the dutch oven.  Put the oven over the coals and then start browning the ground sausage in the bottom of the dutch oven.  Use a soft spatula or spoon so that you do not scratch the oven.
  2. Once the sausage is browned up, add in the hashbrowns on top of the sausage.  If your hashbrowns were frozen then you will want to close the lid and give them about 5-10 minutes by themselves to cook up.
  3. Add in the eggs, onions and peppers. Cut the onions and peppers into small pieces.  Stir the mixture a little bit, but not too thoroughly.  You want it mixed up but it best to have the majority of the sausage and hashbrowns on the bottom.
  4. Let the mixture cookup for a good 20-30 mins, checking it every so often to see how it is doing.  Remember to turn it every 10 mins or so. Cooking time will vary with elevation and the size / quantity of eggs and hashbrowns being used.
  5. When the eggs are starting to look cooked add about half of the cheese and give the skillet a slight mixing. Don't over mix.  Check to make sure that the eggs are cooked all the way throughout.  Keep cooking if needed.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the cook, add the rest of the cheese on top. Give it 2-3 mins to melt in, then serve and enjoy.

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