Easy Tri Tip Hodge Podge

We are big fans of easy to prep dinners that taste delicious.  Plus the prep on this one is so fast and simple.

Start with the Classic Tri Tip package from one of the warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club.  if you don’t have that – what we are using is a pre-seasoned tri tip package.  About 2-3 lbs worth depending on your group size.

If you choose to not use a pre-seasoned tri tip, be sure to season your tri tip to taste before starting to cook it.  We like adding the seasoning son the day before and letting them truly soak into the meat.

Mortons Trip Tip


Some may disagree with this step, but we prefer to cut the tri tip up into slices.  We have run this recipe without cutting it up, which still comes out good, but it requires a little longer cooking and can end up with overly soft potatoes and carrots.  Try it both ways and see what you like.

Cut up 1 yellow onion and add it to the oven.

If you are using large whole carrots you will want to cut those up into bitable pieces.  If you are using baby sized carrots those can get added as is to the oven.

For the potatoes we think this recipe is better with the smaller red potatoes.  In which case you would need around 8-10.  If you want to use the larger Idaho style potatoes, 4-5 of the large ones would be sufficient.

Add a cutup red pepper if your taste buds desire it and add it to the oven.

Make sure that the ingredients are good and mixed around within the Dutch Oven.

Cook for a good 45 mins or depending on your elevation.  Be sure to check it 30 mins and possibly stir it so that you are not burning anything.

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