Shallow or Deep Dutch oven

It is often wondered whether it is better to have a shallower or deeper dutch oven.  In this post we will take a few minutes and explore these two.


Shallow Dutch Oven

A shallower dutch oven is one where the sides and walls are not that tall.  These ovens are often considered as “bread” ovens.  They are traditionally ideal for making rolls, biscuits and such.

This is because with shallower walls on the oven, it allows the oven top to be closer to your food inside the oven.  Often when cooking rolls and breads this is required to help the dough cook more evenly and often achieve that browned look and feel on the top of the dough.

Deep Dutch Oven

A deeper dutch oven is one where the sides and walls are a little bit taller.  These ovens are often considered the “meat” ovens.  They are ideal for baking stews, vegetables and soups.

These items typically take more room in the oven and often are still pretty close to the top lid.  In addition items such a vegetables, meats and such often produce a lot of moisture while being cooked.  This moisture is trapped in the oven and allows for a more even cook across all the contents.

Which to Choose

So which oven do you choose?  Well – I guess it depends on where you are at in your cooking stage.  If this is your first dutch oven then it is likely that you will be cooking more meals then breads and doughs.  It would be advised to get a deeper dutch oven to start off with.  As you gain more experience and purchase your second or third oven, you may want to consider getting an oven of a different size or depth to allow you to vary your cooking approaches.

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