Useful Camping Cooking Tools

Camping while in the outdoors is a wonderful experience.  Whether you are using a dutch oven or cooking over an open flame there are several tools that make it a lot easier.

Cooking Tools


Common Cooking Tools

From a general standpoint there are a lot of common kitchen utensils that you will want with you while cooking outdoors.  But some of the most useful for me include the following:

  • 2 cutting boards.  One for uncooked food and one for cooked food.
  • 2 chefs knifes.  One for uncooked food and one for cooked food.
  • Strong and long tongs.  For handling meat over the grill.
  • Grilling gloves.  A strong pair that can withstand a decent amount of heat.
  • Long handled Utensils such as a spoon and fork.

Dutch Oven Tools

When you are cooking over a dutch oven there are a few more items that will make your cooking experience a lot easier.

  • Lid handle.  Hooks onto the wire handle to carry the dutch oven as well as onto the lid to lift the lid up.
  • Vegetable oil.  Useful when cleaning to wipe a little bit onto the dutch oven before storage.
  • Charcoal and charcoal tongs.  These could just be an old pair of tongs that can get dirty from handling charcoal.

Convenience Cooking Tools

Let’s face it – you are cooking to enjoy a good meal.  Sometimes you will have the luxury of having extra space to bring some more gear.  If so – you may find these items will make cooking outdoors a lot easier.

  • Portable preparation table.  Doesn’t have to be big – just a little table where you can cut up ingredients, lay items out, etc.
  • Charcoal chimney, lighter fluid and a lighter.  Let’s face it – starting a charcoal fire on a windy day can be annoying – why not make it easier.
  • Paper towels and tinfoil.  Tinfoil is great for catching things and not loosing drippings.  Paper towels for fast and easy cleanup
  • Bucket.  Basically to hold some water off to the side to help extinguish the fire.
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