Creating a Cooking Wind Shield

When cooking in the outdoors a wind shield can be an invaluable trick to help you get even cooking.  This is true whether you are cooking using a dutch oven or cooking over a propane based grill. What is a Wind Shield The concept of a wind shield is pretty straight forward.  Basically setup an apparatus next […]

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Using a Charcoal Chimney Starter

Starting a charcoal fire does not have to be a painful experience.  The use of a charcoal chimney starter will make this a lot easier. What is a Charcoal Chimney Starter A charcoal chimney starter is a cylinder container that you place charcoal inside.  There is a bottom plate set a few inches from the […]

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Cooking Tools

Useful Camping Cooking Tools

Camping while in the outdoors is a wonderful experience.  Whether you are using a dutch oven or cooking over an open flame there are several tools that make it a lot easier.   Common Cooking Tools From a general standpoint there are a lot of common kitchen utensils that you will want with you while […]

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Which Size Dutch Oven

Picking the right Dutch Oven Size

So you want to start cooking in a dutch oven… but you don’t know which size you should purchase?  Well – let’s spend a few mins and go over the various dutch oven options and see which one makes the most sense. Serving Size The first thing you want to determine is how many people you […]

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Cooking with Coals

Outdoor Cooking – Wood or Charcoal

Let’s be honest – there is no special science to making great meals in the outdoors.  Generally when you are outside enjoying life and nature’s wonders, a hot cooked meal is going to taste great regardless of what was used for the fuel source. Benefits of Charcoal The realities are clear though.  Cooking with Charcoal […]

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Non Camping Dutch Oven

Cast Iron Dutch Oven Designs – Camping vs Home

Cast Irons Dutch Ovens come in two principle designs.  Ones that are designed for Camping and ones that are designed for home use. In general the inside of the ovens are the same.  both have a solid cast iron wall, bottom and lid.  The differences are in the shape of the lid, the handle and […]

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