Popular Dutch Oven Recipes

Cheaters Peach Cobbler

This is another recipe that we put into the “Cheaters” category.  We use a box ingredient to make this as easy as possible.  If you have never cooked a cobbler before – this is a great recipe to start with.  

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Simple Side Potatoes

Garlic and Herb Potatoes

The trick to this recipe seems to be in using the right type of potatoes.  We have found that when you use the large Idaho style potatoes this recipe doesn’t come out as well.   Instead go for the smaller red potatoes.

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Easy Tri Tip Hodge Podge

We are big fans of easy to prep dinners that taste delicious.  Plus the prep on this one is so fast and simple – yet it outputs a high quality meal that makes you look like an impressive chef. Start with one of the Classic Tri Tip pre-seasoned packages from one of the warehouse clubs […]

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Full Morning Scramble

This is one our our all time favorite breakfasts.  It’s hearty, tastes delicious and gives you a great start to the day. Note: The ingredient list is designed to be loose.  Some people prefer more hash browns, some people prefer more eggs, etc.  Some don’t like the onions and peppers, etc.  Adjust the ratios and […]

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Pizza Bombs

This recipe is great for younger kids as it can be fun to involve them in the cooking process.  In the recipe you roll up little pizza balls, which is fun for the kids to do.

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Cheaters Dutch Oven Cornbread

Cheaters Cornbread

This recipe is called The Cheaters Cornbread for one simple reason – it uses a box mix. Cornbread is one of those things that is fun to cook – but generally isn’t the main focus of your meal.  So why make a big fuss about it.  Hence the Cheaters Cornbread. Breads are tricky to cook […]

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Dutch Oven Kettle Corn

Ditch the Jiffy Pop and step up your popcorn making game with this fast and straight forward recipe. The biggest trick with this recipe is knowing when the kernels have popped and taking it off the heat before the corn gets burned.  Pay attention to the timing as it happens fast.

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